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PM Modi's spiritual pause; halts to see 'majestic' Shankaracharya Hill en route to Srinagar

Srinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made a significant spiritual detour on his journey to Srinagar, as he halted to see Shankaracharya Hill from a distance.
PM Modi, in a post on X, shared the photographs of him looking at the Shankaracharya Hill.
Sharing a set of pictures of himself admiring the breathtaking view, PM Modi said, "Upon reaching Srinagar a short while ago, had the opportunity to see the majestic Shankaracharya Hill from a distance."
The Prime Minister's visit holds particular significance as it marks his first rally in Kashmir since 2019 and is anticipated to be the largest political gathering in the region since the scrapping of Article 370 five years ago. The event is set to take place at Bakshi Stadium.
This unplanned visit of PM Modi underscored the Prime Minister's push for local tourism and his commitment to connecting with the country's diverse cultural fabric.
Recently, there was fury and a sharp downturn in ties with neighbouring Maldives over viral social media posts by the country's junior ministers mocking PM Modi's visit to Lakshadweep.
Ridiculing PM Modi and his call to promote Lakshadweep as a destination for beach tourism, several junior ministers and government officials in Maldives made disparaging and distasteful remarks against him.
The matter snowballed into a major diplomatic row, with New Delhi summoning the Maldivian envoy to the South Block and registering a strong protest against the viral posts.

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