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"PM Modi's remarks on Muslims aimed at communal polarization": Kerala CM Vijayan

Kannur: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday said that the remarks made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the Muslim community during the election campaign in Rajasthan's Banswara are defamatory and aimed at communal polarization.
"The derogatory reference to intruders and 'hoarders' is untrue and part of their ideological code. The fact that the Prime Minister himself has come forward to take political advantage by saying communalism during the elections is an illustration of the challenges facing democratic and secular values in the country," he said during a press conference in Kannur.
In an election rally in Rajasthan's Banswara Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed that the Congress manifesto talks about redistributing wealth to Muslims.
The Kerala Chief Minister said that the Election Commission should take cognisance of the prime Minister's speech.
"The Muslim community was also accused of stealing the country's wealth. The Election Commission should take strong action against these defamatory and communal remarks. All the progressive and secular forces of the country need to come together to ensure transparent and democratic elections. The essence of this country is based on secularism and friendship. Any attitude or statement that harms it needs to be questioned and opposed," Vijayan said.
He accused the BJP of undermining the country's constitutional institutions, eroding their independence and autonomy.
"The formation of the selection committee for the Election Commission, excluding the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is particularly concerning. Numerous legal violations by high-ranking officials in the central government, including the Prime Minister, have been alleged, yet the Election Commission has remained silent, failing to assert its neutrality," he said.
"Furthermore, the Commission's lack of intervention in the Prime minister's statement of communal propaganda during elections, aimed at inciting religious sentiments, raises serious doubts about its impartiality. It is imperative that the Election Commission takes immediate action to reassure the public of its neutrality," he added.

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