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PM Modi, Russian President Putin discuss SCO, G20, issues of bilateral cooperation

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a telephonic conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed issues of bilateral cooperation including Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and G20.
PM Modi also reiterated his call for dialogue and diplomacy while discussing the situation in Ukraine. They reviewed progress in bilateral cooperation and exchanged views on regional and global issues of mutual interest.
The G20 and SCO which India presently chairs were given special consideration during the talks. In addition, PM Modi also shared information on his contacts abroad, especially those he made during his recent state visit to the US.
"Particular attention is paid to interaction through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the G20, in which India currently holds the chairmanship, as well as in the BRICS format. In addition, Narendra Modi informed about his international contacts, including during his recent visit to Washington," the Kremlin said.
Furthermore, the ongoing situation in Ukraine was also discussed between the two leaders.
According to Kremlin, "The situation around Ukraine was touched upon. The President of Russia assessed the current state of affairs in the special military operation zone, emphasizing Kyiv's categorical refusal to take political and diplomatic steps to resolve the conflict."
"President Putin informed PM Modi about the recent developments in Russia", the PMO release said.
"While discussing the situation in Ukraine, PM reiterated his call for dialogue and diplomacy.Both leaders agreed to remain in touch and continue to make efforts to further strengthen Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership between the two countries," PMO release added.
When discussing topical issues of bilateral cooperation, the importance of further consistent implementation of major joint projects in various fields were noted. Moreover, a significant increase in trade in 2022 between the two nations and in the first quarter of this year was noted with satisfaction.
In connection with the events of June 24 (Wagner's march to Moscow), Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed understanding and support for the decisive actions of the Russian leadership to protect law and order and ensure stability in the country and the security of its citizens, Kremlin stated.
The conversation was informative and constructive, and the leaders decided to keep in touch and reiterated their shared desire to enhance the unique strategic alliance between Russia and India.
In recent praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that his 'Make in India' concept has had a "visible effect" on the Indian economy, RT reported.
"Our friends in India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a great friend of Russia, a few years ago presented a concept 'Make in India' and it had a very visible effect on the Indian economy," Putin said while speaking at an event in Moscow.
The Russian President drew India's example to encourage domestic products and brands in Russia, as per RT.

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