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PM Modi receives 67 kg turmeric garland, handmade shawl and replica of Jallikattu Bull as gifts from people of Tamil Nadu

Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the people of Palladam on Tuesday where he received immense affection and received a heartwarming gifts from the people of Tamil Nadu.

A huge gathering of supporters had lined up at the closing ceremony of the 'En Mann Ek Makkal' padayatra in where PM received immense affection from the Kongu region reflecting in what was presented to him on stage.

PM Modi was gifted a 67 kg Turmeric Mala (Garland) by people from Erode to thank him for establishing the Turmeric Board.

The Erode area is known for turmeric cultivation. Farmers from there feel the NDA government's decision to set up the board will boost exports.

The Thoda tribal community's gifted handmade shawl from Nilgiris was presented to PM to express gratitude because of PM's emphasis on women SHGs. There is optimism that the shawl sales will rise significantly due to this.

However, a replica of Jallikattu Bull was also presented to the PM as a mark of thanks to bring back Jallikattu after Congress banned it in the time of UPA, where DMK was also a partner.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that even though the Bharatiya Janata Party has not been in power in Tamil Nadu but the state has always been in the heart of the BJP adding that his relationship with Tamil Nadu is not connected to politics but of that from the heart.

Addressing a public rally in Palladam, PM Modi said that his relationship with Tamil Nadu is decades old, adding that the people, who sit in air-conditioned rooms in Delhi, and dream of breaking the integrity of the country, need to come here and see that Tamil Nadu will shape the destiny of India in front of their eyes.

"Even though the BJP has not been in power in Tamil Nadu, the state has always been in the heart of the BJP. All my Tamil brothers and sisters understand this and are aware of it. So those who have looted the state for decades are scared of the increasing power of the BJP (in the state). Tamil Nadu has always given me unconditional love," the prime minister said.

The Prime Minister further said that the Kongu region of Tamil Nadu represents India's growth story in many ways.

"It is one of India's most vibrant textile and industry hubs. It also contributes to our country's wind energy capacity. This region is also known for the spirit of enterprise. Our risk-taking entrepreneurs and MSMEs play a role in making us the fastest growing economy," it added.

He further said that this year, Tamil Nadu is going to create history, adding that the historical 'en man en makkal' padayatra is the biggest proof.
PM Modi is on a two-day visit to the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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