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PM Modi accuses 'INDI bloc' of doing caste division politics

Ghosi: Launching a scathing attack on Samajwadi Party-Congress and the INDIA bloc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that these INDI alliance people want to make the majority society of India a second class citizen, adding that the Opposition is conspiring to create to division among the people based on their castes.
Addressing a rally here today, PM Modi said the Samajwadi Party kept Purvanchal backwards under a conspiracy.
"Purvanchal will repeatedly punish such people who betrayed this region. Today I have come to Purvanchal to alert the people of Ghosi about the conspiracy of the INDI alliance. The INDI alliance of SP and Congress is making all the castes fight among themselves. These people want Dalit, Brahmin, Rajputs, Chauhan, Yadav, Kurmi etc to become weak by fighting among themselves," he said.
"When the people of the society will not remain united then your attention will be diverted from the real issues and only then the evil people will implement their conspiracy," PM Modi added.
Further, the Prime Minister pointed out that the INDIA bloc is aiming to complete its three big conspiracies.
"First, by changing the Constitution, it will be written in it that reservation will be given based on religion in India. Secondly, the reservation given to OBC will be wiped out and full reservation will be given to Muslims. These INDI alliance people want to make the majority society of India a second-class citizen," PM Modi said in Ghosi.
He also mentioned that the SP-Congress family, their 'parivarvaad' had made Purvanchal an area of mafia, an area of poverty, and helplessness.
"But for the last 10 years, Purvanchal has been electing the Prime Minister of the country, and for the last 7 years Purvanchal has been electing the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh hence Purvanchal is the most special. Ghosi, Ballia and Salempur are electing not just the MP but the PM of the country," the Prime Minister added.
"The first-time voters here might not remember the 2012 manifesto of SP. In 2012, SP wrote in its manifesto that just as Baba Saheb Ambedkar gave reservations to Dalits, similar reservations will be given to Muslims. This is against the spirit of the Constitution, but the people of the INDIA alliance do not care about it," PM Modi said.
The Prime Minister also pointed out that before 2014, they (the INDIA bloc) made the institutions of the country as minority favoured and for that laws were changed.
"Now they are looting the OBC quota and declaring Muslim castes as OBC. Recently, Calcutta High Court has cancelled the OBS reservation of 77 Muslim castes," PM Modi added.
He also accused the opposition of abusing the Ram Temple and finding faults in it.
"During elections, they (INDI alliance) pretend to visit temples, but after 500 years, when such a big moment of our civilization and our faith came, they started abusing the Ram temple and finding faults in it. These people were very angry with the construction of the Ram temple. These people are continuously putting pressure, just as the Shah Bano decision was overturned, similarly the Supreme Court decision on Ram Temple should be overturned," PM Modi said.

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