Monday, June, 05,2023

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New Delhi: It is not that only BJP has trolls in social media and its IT cell can make it difficult for anyone by its propaganda.

Congress also has a good number of trolls wherein some are associated with the social media team of Congress and some are freelancers, who work unpaid. These days, such freelancers and unpaid trolls have targeted election strategist Prashant Kishor.

By taking out his old statements and videos, they are raising the question that when Rahul Gandhi and Congress were fine till a few days ago, how have they become bad now? Apart from this, campaign to make Prashant, agent of BJP is also going on in full swing.

‘Freelance’ trolls of Cong have made a video of Bihar CM Nitish go viral where he is saying that he included Prashant in Janata DalU at the behest of Amit Shah.

Prashant Kishor was not a man of Nitish Kumar or even Janata Dal-U. He was a BJP man who was inducted into JD(U) by Shah.

Similarly, a recent photo of Mamata with Gautam Adani is being made viral to make her an agent of BJP and on that pothots were taken at Kishor stressing that another financer could have been searched for.

A video of Kishor’s attack on those who hold Rahul responsible for the Congress’s defeat is also going viral, in which he is saying that it is not right to hold Rahul responsible for the recent defeat of the Congress.

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