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Over 70 people donate blood in Knp police camp

Kanpur: The Kanpur Nagar Police Commissionerate on Sunday held 29th blood donation camp out of the 34 planned blood donation camps.

The blood donation held on Sunday at Ambition Institute for NEET, Thana Kakdeo was aimed at helping children suffering from Thalassemia.

In the blood donation camp organised by the Kanpur Nagar Police Commissionerate, a total of 73 people donated blood to the Helet Blood Bank.

The donors were all felicitated by Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), Kanpur Nagar BBGTS Murthy.

The blood donation camp was attended by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Swaroop Nagar) Braj Narayan, Inspector-in-charge Kakdeo Ram Kumar Gupta and various other personnel.

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