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‘Our duties are our f irst priority’

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Saturday paid homage to the makers of the Indian Constitution and reiterated the commitment to fulfil their vision. He said ‘We the People’ in preamble of Constitution is a commitment, pledge and belief that has made India mother of democracy

Attending the Constitution Day function at the Supreme Court, PM Modi said, “Be it individuals or institutions, our duties are our first priority.” He also said that in today’s global situation, the eyes of the entire world are on India. “Amid the rapid development of India, its quickly growing economy and its strengthening global image, the world is looking at us with great expectations.”

New opportunities are coming up before India. Crossing all hurdles, it’s going ahead. A week from now, India will get G20 presidency. It’s big! As Team India, all of us should enhance India’s prestige before world & bring its contribution before them. It’s our collective duty. —Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

All the more important that representation of marginalised communities and women in legal profession and judiciary is enhanced. It is crucial that we tap into experience of diverse section of people who are part of judiciary. Their knowledge and understanding would strengthen the institution. —DY Chandrachud, Chief Justice of India

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