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"Opposition worried their alliance will fall apart": Rajasthan Dy CM attacks INDIA bloc

Jaipur: Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari took a jab at the opposition parties on Monday and said that the leaders of the INDIA bloc have been unable to propose a candidate for the Prime Minister because they are worried that the announcement will cause their alliance to fall apart.
Deputy Chief Minister Kumari also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on the other hand, has 'Neta, Neeti, Achi Neeyat,' signifying that the party has policies, good intentions, and leaders such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Speaking to ANI, the Deputy Chief Minister raised questions on the alliance of opposition and said, "The opposition has not been able to propose a candidate for the position of Prime Minister because they are afraid that the announcement will cause their alliance to break apart."
"We (the BJP), on the other hand, have leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, policies and good intentions too. PM Modi ji is taking the country forward with a clear vision," said Diya Kumari.
Adding further, Diya Kumari said that no matter what the opposition and Congress leaders say, the public has faith in Modi's guarantee and the BJP will win 400 seats in the country and all 25 seats in Rajasthan.
The Deputy Chief Minister also said the BJP offers opportunities to new people, while the Congress lacks leaders, adding that the ones who are in the party are also quitting it.
"The BJP offers maximum opportunity to new and fresh faces so that they can be taken forward but Congress has no leaders left and those already in the party are also leaving it," Kumari told ANI.
Taking a swipe at the Congress party, Kumari said, "New people should get a chance and be approached. There is enthusiasm among new people and they have the potential to do good work. Congress does not have leaders left and everyone is leaving their party, so from where will they bring new people."
Diya Kumari also spoke on the low voter turnout in the state and cited the seasonal season and the heatwave as the reasons behind the low voter turnout in the first phase of voting in 12 out of 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan.
"The opportunity comes every 5 years. This is the time when we should exercise our democratic right and vote because it is necessary to vote to elect a strong government in the country," she added.
Diya Kumari also appealed to all the voters to turn out and participate as much as possible in the second phase of voting on April 26.
Voting for Lok Sabha polls in Rajasthan is being held in two phases.
Polling for 12 seats was held in the first phase on April 19 and voting for the remaining 13 seats will be contested in the second phase on April 26. The counting will take place on June 4.
In 2019, the BJP registered a sweeping victory, winning 24 out of 25 seats. Rashtriya Loktrantrik Party's Hanuman Beniwal also won a seat. 

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