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One-on-one meetings with PM Modi facilitated agreements with India: Nepal PM

New Delhi: Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal stated that one-on-one discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi were helpful in easing the situation that was heading for complications, according to the Kathmandu Post.
Speaking to Nepali journalists in New Delhi on Friday morning, Dahal stated that after three one-on-one meetings with his Indian counterpart, the atmosphere of the talks became comfortable. Dahal emphasised that despite the pressure to perform, the environment improved as a result of the Indian Prime Minister's initiative.
Prime Minister Dahal said that there were some doubts that the environment for the talks would be complicated after reaching the Indian capital on Wednesday, Kathmandu Post reported.
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"When we arrived, we had some doubts about the occurrence of complexities during the bilateral talks as we had come with certain expectations and preparations," said Dahal.
Dahal said that although the situation on Wednesday evening was a bit complicated, the atmosphere got easier from Thursday morning, Kathmandu Post reported.
"The situation was different on Wednesday evening but the atmosphere gradually became positive from Thursday and we got the results from the Hyderabad House," Dahal said.
"Several Memoranda of Understanding and agreements were signed and because of it this visit has become historic."
Dahal, during the interaction, said he was doubtful about the progress to be made with India upon reaching the Nepali Embassy after arriving in New Delhi on Wednesday, Kathmandu Post reported.
"I had three one-to-one meetings with Modi which eased the situation. A lot of hard work was done," said Dahal, "At one point I was worried and under pressure that we would not be able to deliver what we had come for. I see Modi ji's initiative in easing the pressure."
Dahal, who is on a four-day official visit to India, also said that he did not raise the issue of the Eminent Persons Group report during his meeting with Modi as it would have an unfavourable effect on the talks environment, Kathmandu Post reported.
Prime Minister Dahal said that if he had raised the issue of the EPG report, the situation would have worsened, so he did not intend to spoil the situation by raising it.
"The issue of EPG was not brought up, nor was it brought up to spoil the atmosphere. If this matter was raised, we could not have achieved a pleasant environment for the talks," said Dahal.
"We have taken the issue of EPG seriously in Nepal. What I think is that instead of holding the progress that could be achieved during this visit by arguing about this issue, we could work in creating an environment to address the EPG report issue and address it at some point in future."
Dahal termed this visit historic even though he had previously visited India four times as the Prime Minister adding that the Indian media also gave better coverage than the previous visit, Kathmandu Post reported.
"Overall it was good. I came as the Prime Minister for the fourth time. The second visit was a state visit and I was staying at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. But now the Indian media is also covering more about my visit," said Dahal.
Prime Minister Dahal said that the main 'outcome' of the current trip was the long-term power deal.
"The most important thing that we emphasized during this visit was the long-term energy agreement given our potential in the power sector," said Dahal.
Prime Minister Dahal said that, during his meeting with Indian PM Modi, he pointed out that it was impossible to seek a breakthrough in the relationship between Nepal and India by keeping the issue of border dispute at bay, Kathmandu Post reported.
"I told Modiji that there cannot be a breakthrough between Nepal and India by maintaining the border dispute," said Dahal.
"Modi ji believes that Nepal-India relations will reach new heights and the Indian prime minister talking about resolving the boundary issue is a significant development," he added. (ANI)

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