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Om Raut reveals they are taking notes while reacting to making edits to the film after backlash

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Not days after the Adipurush teassr released, there have been calls for boycott for the film and it has been heavily criticised for several aspects. Right from its painstakingly poor quality of CGI to Saif Ali Khan's bearded and heavily kohled eyes look, the criticism is severe. Saif looks nothing like the intelligent Sri Lankan kijg but rather a poor version of a Mughal emperor. Also the CGI looks so bad that many have compared it to the early 2000s films.

Now, reacting to the backlash filn's director, Om Raut said, "Hum par vishwas rakhein (have faith in us). For us, our audience is supreme. So all the sages, our elders, whoever is telling us things, we are taking note of it. We are writing it down and I assure you that when this film releases on 12 January 2023, we will not disappoint anyone. Believe in us, we will make it happen."

On whether is open about the idea kd making changes to his film, Raut said, "We have seen only 95 seconds of the teaser. I say this again, we are taking all the notes. I guarantee that nobody will be disappointed."

Adipurush is adapted for the classic mythology of India, Ramayana. The film features Prabhas as Raghava aka Ram, Kriti Sanon as Janaki i.e., Sita and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh aka Raavan.


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