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"Nudity is not equal to consent," says Sherlyn Chopra after Rakhi Sawant files police complaint against her

Mumbai: In the latest scenario of Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant's ongoing controversy, the former has shared a tweet saying nudity is not equal to consent.

Taking to the microblogging site Sherlyn writing in Hindi, "Hamari ladai yaun shoshan/ yaun shoshan krne waalon ke khilaaf hai. Nyay ki guhar lagaane ka hmaara samvaidhanik (constitutional) haq (right) hai. Ye haq humse koi nahi cheen sakta hai. Ye baat hamaare aaropiyon ki behnein sun lein aur samajh lein. Nudity is not equal to consent. Vastraheen hona razamandi nahi."

This post of Sherlyn came after Rakhi filed a police complaint against her at Mumbai's Oshiwara Police station for making derogatory remarks.

Rakhi spoke to the media and said that because of Sherlyn's remarks, her personal life has been affected a lot as her boyfriend has started questioning her.

"I am really sad to say that due to the comments made by her about me there has been turmoil in my life. Because of her, my recent boyfriend has asked me 'whether there is any truth in what Sherlyn is saying', do I really have 10 boyfriends'. She just came and said whatever she wanted to in the media and now I have to pay for it," she said.

Sherlyn, who earlier filed a police complaint against #MeToo accused filmmaker Sajid Khan, had recently engaged in a war of words with Rakhi for coming out in support of Sajid and Raj Kundra.

Along with the tweet, she also attached a video from Lehren in which she said, "What will you do? You will expose me? If you want to expose, then go and first expose your brother Raj Kundra who is the king of pornography, and expose Sajid Khan the #MeToo accused. What kind of a cheap woman is she? She is a blot on the cast. We all are fighting for justice, I don't know what's her problem. Who is your brother? Your brother is the king of pornography. I was saying from the beginning this fight is not yours, get aside but no."

Rakhi and her lawyer stated that they have filed a case against Sherlyn and that Rakhi is talking "on the basis of evidence".

While interacting with the media they even played alleged videos of Sherlyn Chopra. Rakhi also alleged that Sherlyn "blackmails powerful men for money".

Sajid was mired in the #MeToo controversy in 2018 after nine women from the industry - who worked with him on his various projects - had accused the filmmaker of sexually harassing them.
Along with Sherlyn, actresses including Saloni Chopra, Aahana Kumra and Mandana Karimi, levelled the allegations against him. (ANI)

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