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"Not able to handle Bihar, wants to be PM": Ravi Shankar Prasad claims Nitish "pleaded" for PM candidature

Patna: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ravi Shankar Prasad on Sunday hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and said that the latter's dream to become the Prime Minister would never fructify because the people of the country believe in PM Narendra Modi and his leadership.
While talking to ANI, Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "Nitish Kumar has requested and pleaded to make him the prime ministerial candidate while he is unable to manage the state of Bihar. Be it Nitish Kumar or any other leader they should know that under the leadership of PM Modi the country has progressed significantly." He further said that the country has changed, and the people of the country have changed and they believe in PM Modi and his leadership, while Nitish Kumar has not been able to build political credibility.
"What has happened to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar? He isn't able to handle Bihar, the state is in trouble. There is chaos in his party. Congress isn't giving him any lift. Nitish ji, you want to become like Deve Gowda or Inder Kumar Gujral (former PMs)," added Ravi Shankar Prasad.
Earlier on January 18, Union Rural Development Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh launched a scathing attack on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and said that Nitish Kumar is desperate to become Prime Minister.
While talking to ANI, Giriraj Singh said, "Laddoos are bursting in Nitish Kumar's mind to become Prime Minister. Nitish Kumar could not develop in Bihar for 17 years. His 'Samadhan Yatra' is proof that development could not be done."
The Union Minister further said, "When KCR went to Bihar, KCR had in his mind that Nitish Kumar shall push him as the prime ministerial candidate whereas Nitish thought that KCR should make him (Nitish Kumar) the candidate. Nitish Kumar along with Lalu ji had met the Congress but of no use."
Notably, the Bihar Chief Minister had earlier denied the intention of becoming the PM.
The Union Minister also replied to Tejashwi Yadav's statement where the latter said that the atmosphere and situation of the country is such that if you speak against BJP you will be raided, character assassinated, or sent to jail.
Giriraj Singh said, "I would request them to fix the atmosphere of Bihar and fix the law and order situation in Bihar. This shall be the biggest achievement." (ANI)

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