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Nora and Malaika open up about constantly being compared and pitted against each other

OTT reality series, Moving In With Malaika has been causing a lot of buzz on social media and has gained traction for the raw portrayal of Malaika Arora. There had been buzz surrounding the guest stars that would appear on the show including ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and current boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. The recent episode of the series saw the actress conversing with Nora Fatehi with the promos showing a rather tiff happening between them. But the episode saw the Dilbar actress and Malla open up about the constant comparisons and the fact that both of them are constantly pitted against each other.

Nora said, “Malaika has done things I could never do—you are part of the growing legacy of Bollywood that was a golden time. We talk about the time; we don’t talk about today. It’s not just disrespectful to you, it’s disrespectful to me, because it takes away from the things that I am doing.”

In return, Malaika recalled how both of them have constantly been pitted against each other. “If I was on a show, they would make sure Nora was on the show. I figured it was a constant thing that everyone was trying to pit us against each other and putting us on the show,” she said.

The Munni Badnaam actress further revealed how she felt hurt when she was replaced by Nora as a judge on the show. “I’m human at the end of the day. There are days at the end of the day when I say, ‘Oh that job could have been mine and now someone else has it.’ That happens all the time. Things like that can break you. You know that someone out there is prettier and younger, and you have to deal with that,” Malaika added.

The previous episodes of Moving In With Malaika saw the actress open up about her relationship with her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and how it fell apart. Malaika also gushed about her relationship with Arjun Kapoor and how happy she is currently.

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