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NIA arrests key conspirator in Bengal explosives seizure case

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday arrested one more person in the West Bengal electric detonators and explosives seizure case.
With the fresh arrest, a total of eight people have been arrested in the case so far, said the anti-terror agency.
The accused, Islam Chowdhary, a resident of district Birbhum in West Bengal, was picked up from his Baralipara house where the NIA also seized Rs 1,50,000 in cash, bank transaction documents,  paper slips with mobile numbers, SIM cards, three mobile phones and various incriminating documents.
NIA’s investigation of two other accused, Merajuddin Ali Khan alias Meraj Khan alias Meraz Khan and Mir Md Nuruzzaman alias Romeo alias Mir alias Jamai alias Prince led to the arrest of Islam. Meraj and Prince were arrested by the agency on June 28 this year.
Investigations have revealed that Islam was a key conspirator and facilitator in the supply of the explosives in the case registered by the NIA in September last year after the seizure of a huge cache of electric detonators, Nonels (non-electric detonators) and explosives, said the agency.
Initially, around 81,000 electric detonators were seized from a vehicle in the Md Bazar Police Station area in Birbhum by a team of STF, West Bengal. The vehicle’s driver, Ashish Keora, was arrested. Subsequent searches had led to the seizure of another 2,525 electric detonators, 27,000 kg ammonium nitrate, 1,625 kgs of gelatin sticks, one Pistol with magazine ad 4 live rounds of ammunition, 16.25 kgs of gelatin sticks (total of 130 in number) and one bag containing 50 kg of ammonium nitrate from illegal godowns.
"Additional accused were arrested in the course of these searches. NIA is continuing with its investigations in the case," added the agency. 

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