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N’garh Bio Park emerges as major wildlife breeding centre in North India

Jaipur: The Nahargarh Biological Park is emerging as a major wildlife breeding centre in North India. Tigress Rani gave birth to three cubs on May 10 and on May 26, female hippo Rani gave birth to a baby. Asiatic lioness Tara is also expecting good news.

The Nahargarh Bio park has 28 species of wildlife. Tiger, lion and leopard from the big cat family live here. Except leopard and otter, all the remaining 26 species of wildlife breed here.

CZA has banned the breeding of leopards here. Soon, there is a plan to bring some other species of wildlife here as well. Wildlife of other species will soon be brought under the exchange programme. Efforts are also being made to bring NBP in the big zoo category. DCF Jagdish Gupta, RO Jagdish Sharma, VET team members and the entire staff, including Forest Officer Madhav, FG Sarita Chaudhary, Shriram Chaudhary are alert.

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