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New Delhi: Doctor arrested for raping nurse, investigation underway

New Delhi: A doctor was arrested on Thursday for allegedly raping a nurse who used to work with him in a nursing home.
The Delhi police said, "On June 13, an FIR was lodged at the police station by the 34-year-old victim". "The victim reported that she used to work as a nurse at a nursing home with the doctor. In August 2021, the doctor allegedly raped her and made a nude video of hers. Reportedly, he also took Rs 7 lakh from her," added the police.
The police also stated that the victim was married 15 years ago and is now separated from her husband. She has 2 daughters.
The doctor was apprehended from the Faizabad district. He was arrested 2 days after the complaint was filed. The nursing home was shut down some time back, according to the police.
Further investigation is on.

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