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New advanced laser technique to treat kidney stones and Prostate at Shah Hospital


For the past 20 years there hasn’t been a major innovation in fiber laser technology until the launch of Super Pulsed Thulium fiber laser. The TFL laser is advanced technology that can dust stones in half the time it takes on other laser systems. This laser system has been shown to have virtually no movement of stones and hence no residual of stones that run off while operating. It also offers precise soft tissue cutting with visibly improved homeostasis which is especially useful in bladder and prostate patients.

With advent of this technology RIRS is becoming the primary modality of the treatment for kidney stones where no incision, no cut, no whole is made to the kidney and the stone is dusted and the patient can be sent home within the same day.

Another advantage that Thulium has is for soft tissue surgeries like prostate and the bladder. Newer techniques like THUFLEP – Thulium Fiber Laser enucleating of prostate and THUVARP – Thulium Laser Vaporization and resection of prostate are advanced modalities resulting in less blood loss, less hospital stay and early recovery. It can even be advised to patients on blood thinners with cardiac problems.

In bladder it has advantage of enbloc resection of bladder tumors where the whole of tumor is removed from the base from the bladder (Enbloc-TURBT)

Throughout the world urology departments are now recognizing the advantages of thulium fiber laser and are now switching over to this latest technology. We have been using TFL laser since 2020 and our experience with it so far has been marvelous for both stone and soft tissue. It has resulted in happier and satisfied patients who recover early and get back to their routine sooner.

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