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Nalanda MP wants Bajrang Dal banned in Bihar

Nalanda: Bihar MP and JDU leader Kaushalendra Kumar has sought for a ban on the Bajrang Dal.
The JD(U) Lok Sabha MP from Nalanda on Thursday said that he believes that if any organisation like Bajrang Dal would do good work it will be appreciated but if people of this organisation get involved in wrongdoings it will not be tolerated. "Everyone worships Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. But by gathering a crowd in his name untoward incidents happen," Kumar said.
The ruling alliance in Bihar comprises apart from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's JD(U), the Congress, which in its recent manifesto for the upcoming Karnataka polls stated it will take "decisive action" as per law including banning organisations like Bajrang Dal, the Popular Front of India and others.
After this announcement Bajrang Dal protested nationwide and BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Congress for this election promise.
Meanwhile, responding to the JD(U) leader's statement, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that "Bajrang Dal and Bajrangbali will not be banned as long as a single Sanatani child is alive."
He also alleged that the remarks were aimed at appeasing Muslim voters.
The Union Minister said that those clamouring for a ban on "Bajrangbali, Shri Ram or Bajrang Dal are creating hatred in the society."
"Vinash Kal Vipreet Buddhi", Singh said about the Nalanda MP's remarks. (ANI)

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