Saturday, June, 03,2023

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Nagaland will be without Oppn, again!

New Delhi: Nagaland was without an Opposition before assembly polls. All the parties in the state were with the ruling coalition. Although they were not a part of the government, but their support was to the government. After the elections, it seemed that there would be an Opposition in the state and perhaps a strong one. But within a week of poll results, it has become clear that this time also Nagaland will be without Opposition. The Opposition will not have a single MLA in the 60-member assembly as all 60 MLAs will support the govt. Think, the MLAs of the parties opposing the BJP at national level have also won, but they will also support the govt.

The two parties of the ruling coalition, the NDPP and the BJP, got 25 and 12 seats respectively, and an absolute majority. Despite this, all other parties have supported the government. Its old rival NPF has five MLAs and has not got the status of the main Opposition party and it too has already supported the government.

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