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“My job to bring peace…" Manipur CM Biren Singh evades question on his resignation

Imphal: Amid renewed calls for his resignation and the ruckus in Parliament over a viral video Manipur, purportedly showing two women being paraded in the nude, Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Friday evaded a question on the demand for him to step down, saying his job was to restore peace to the state and ensure that the perpetrators of the alleged incident in the viral video are brought to book.
Speaking to ANI on Friday, the Manipur CM informed that, so far, four persons, including the main accused, have been arrested in connection with the incident, adding that his government will ensure exemplary punishment for the culprits. Opposition leaders of all hues have voiced outrage over the Manipur incident and both Houses of Parliament, in the ongoing Monsoon Session, saw repeated disruptions in demand for a discussion on the issue.
On the raucous protests by the Opposition over the incident, Singh said the people in Manipur treat all women in the same way as they do their mothers and sisters and never condone crime, adding that this explains why there were ongoing statewide protests in Manipur.
"Everyone is outraged since the viral video surfaced. In our society, all women are seen as mothers and sisters, which is why protests have erupted across the state in demand for strict action against the accused," the CM said.
Meanwhile, another video surfaced on Friday showing women in Imphal burning down the house of one of the accused. The video was said to be from Thursday.
The clip shows a mob going on a rampage and damaging the house before setting it alight.
Responding to the video, the CM said, "Yesterday, the house belonging to the person, who was the first to be arrested in connection with this incident, was set on fire. Our society will always rise in protest against any crime and especially those against women. They consider women as their mothers and sisters. That's why protests are being held in every constituency so that no such incident takes place in future."
Earlier, on Thursday, Singh told ANI that the video leaked after 40 days and was from May 4, a day ethnic clashes broke out in Manipur.
"Really shocked when I saw the video. I inquired about the incident and learned that it happened on May 4. This video was leaked after 40 days. I ordered a combing operation (to track down the accused), and, last night itself, we arrested one of the accused," the Manipur chief minister said on Thursday, adding that the government will take strict action against all the perpetrators and would even consider pressing for death penalty for the perpetrators. (ANI)

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