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Muslim leaders extending support to police, govt for reforming private madrasas: Assam DGP

Bongaigaon: Director General of Assam Police (DGP) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta on Saturday said that the Assam government and police are working to reform the private madrasas in the state here.
"We are bringing reforms in the private madrasas in Assam. These madrasas will be run under rules," the Assam DGP said in an exclusive interview with ANI adding that the leaders of the Muslim community in the state have also extended their support to the state government and police. "We are not imposing any rule on them, they (Muslim community leaders) themselves want to reform it. We are pointing out to them the shortcomings and they are working over them. They are working to reform the system," the Assam DGP said.
After cracking down Jihadi activities in a few private madrasas and busting several Al-Qaeda and Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) modules in many parts of the state, the Assam government has taken initiatives to educational reforms in the private madrasas of the state.
Several rounds of meetings between the representatives of several Muslim organisations and Assam DGP were held and many decisions to reform the private madrasas took place.
Earlier, the Assam DGP had said that all small private madrasas will be merged with nearby large madrasas in the state.
Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had also said previously that the government wants to reduce the number of madrasas in the state and start registration of the system.
"We want to reduce the number of Madrasas in the state in the first phase. We want to put general education in madrasas and start a system of registration in madrasas. We are working with the community on this and they are also helping the Assam government," the Assam Chief Minister said addressing a press conference on January 21. (ANI)

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