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Muslim community delegation requests PM Modi for setting up 'Sufi circuit'

New Delhi: The leaders of the BJP Minority Morcha and other religious leaders of the Muslim community held a discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on setting up a Sufi circuit in the country in their recent meeting at the Prime Minister's residence in the national capital, sources said.
Sources further stated that Prime Minister Modi welcomed the idea and asked the leaders to sit with the Union Minority Affairs Minister in this regard.
"When Muslim religious leaders asked the Prime Minister to make a Sufi circuit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this was a good idea and leaders should sit with the Minority Affairs Minister and make a detailed plan regarding this," sources said.
As per sources, the first meeting regarding the Sufi circuit can be held with Union Minority Minister Smriti Irani and Muslim religious leaders in the month of February.
Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over a 'Chadar' which will be offered on the 812th Urs of sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. The chadar was presented to Bharatiya Janata Party Minority Morcha national president Jamaal Siddiqui at the Prime Minister's residence in the national capital.
The delegation will visit Ajmer and offer the chadar on behalf of PM Modi. The Urs festival is an annual festival held in Ajmer, Rajasthan, that commemorates the death anniversary of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti.
On this occasion, Union Minister of Minority Affairs Smriti Irani, Syed Farid Nizami (Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah), Salman Chishti (Ajmer Sharif), party national vice president Tariq Mansoor, Delhi Haj Committee chairman Kausar Jahan, and Sufi Hazrat from Nagpur, Ahmedabad Jammu and Kashmir, were present at the Prime Minister's residence.

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