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‘Music and visual imagery have healing powers’

Ahmedabad: With the objective of increasing awareness about Indian art and culture among the youth, a young student of Ahmedabad International School spoke with Padma Shri Dr Kiran Seth at Gandhi Ashram.

Founder of SPIC MACAY, a voluntary youth movement that promotes Indian culture through dance music and art, Dr Seth has embarked on a cycling tour from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Talking about his interest on art and culture of India, Dr Seth said, “During my college days, I had attended a musical concert which became a turning point in my life and left me spellbound.

That was when I developed a keen interest in the subject. I was deeply touched and moved by the power of music. From that point on, I decided that I wanted to work towards granting accessibility to this mystic art form.” On the healing powers of art, music and dance amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Seth asserted, “Music and visual imagery have immense power to create a healing effect and also boost immunity by stimulating various glands in our body. They are a great contributor to mental and psychological wellness.”

When asked about his role models, the academician remarked, “There are many people who have inspired me and left their positive footprints in my life. To name a few, I look up to the teachings of various religions, that teach everyone to be kind, saints who impart wisdom and musicians as well as artists, who showcase that art in itself is a disciplined branch. Youngsters keep me energized and motivated to keep doing more.

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