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Mumbai student arrested for supplying hashish brought from Himachal

Mumbai: Mumbai's Borivali Police has arrested a student who brought drugs from Himachal Pradesh's Manali to the capital city of Maharashtra on the pretext of trekking.
Borivali ATC team recovered Manali 'Charas' (hashish) worth Rs 1,50,000 from the student. The student used to bring drugs from Manali to supply to his fellow students in Mumbai, Borivali police are now on the lookout for a big drug dealer in Manali.
A senior officer of Borivali police station said that yesterday when the ATC team was patrolling in the Borivali area around 4.30 pm, some people were seen in suspicious condition near Neel Tower Society in Borivali Govind Nagar area.
"When the person was taken into custody and investigated, some packets of drugs were found in his possession and when the police examined them, it was found that it was Manali drugs of high quality," the police said.
When questioned and investigated, it was found that a student who is a resident of Mumbai's Kandivali Poisar area was involved in the drug business for a long time.
When the police inquired him, it was found that the student goes to Manali on the pretext of trekking and from there he brings the consignment of drugs to Mumbai to his fellow students he used to supply, the police said.
"In the investigation, the police learned that the accused student had gone to Manali about two to three times before this and used to bring charas and supply it to the students," the police added.
The team of Borivali ATC has started searching for the accused who gave charas to the student from Manali.
The police presented the accused student in court and the court sent him to police custody for two days. (ANI)

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