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Mumbai: 18 year old girl receives unilateral hand transplant, first of its kind in India, claims hospital

Mumbai: 18-year-old Samya Mansoori perhaps received the best birthday gift of her life with a unilateral hand transplant, the first of its kind in India, claimed the authorities at Global Hospital, where she underwent the transplant.
Samya, a resident of Baruch in Gujarat, didn't have her right hand since birth and underwent successful surgery. Speaking to ANI the teenager said, "I am really very happy. I have to do a lot of things with my hand."
"A lot of things were going in my mind when I received the information that I will receive the hand. I even had dreams that I am doing a lot of things with my hand and even driving with my hand," she said.
Samya, who is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), said that the wants to become a police officer and work in the cyber team of the police after completing her BCA and MCA.
"I used to face a lot of difficulties without my hand. When I was younger, my classmates used to tease me for not having a hand. I even avoided going to public places. Now, they will have nothing to say," she added.
She even urged people to donate organs and improve other people's lives.
"Right now, I am the happiest person on earth. We were searching for a hand for her since the last five years. However, doctors said that she can be operated only after turning 18. On January 10, she turned 18 and was registered for the transplant," said Shenaaz Mansoori, Samya's mother.
"Six days back we received a call about the availability of the hand. The took place on Monday, January 30," she added.
"We got a donor within a few days after her registration. She underwent a lot of counseling over the last two years and considering her necessity and confidence we decided to undergo with the surgery," said Dr Nilesh Satbhai, the Surgeon who operated on her. (ANI)

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