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Mr Faisu talks about his preparation for KKK S12 ahead of departure to South Africa

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Mr. Faisu aka Faisal Khan has captured the heart of netizens with his entertaining TikTok, reels and OTT series. With 27.4 million followers on Instagram, the internet star is climbing the ladder of success. Now, his fans are even more excited for him, as Faisal will be seen in the upcoming season of Khatron Ke Khiladi with some of the top television celebrities. The TikTok star got candid with Ashish Tiwari from First India Telly about his preparation for the show, his excitement to work with Rohit Shetty and proving himself.

Faisal revealed that he is excited to star in the show. “I am more excited because the 27.5 million fans that I have, have a lot of expectations from me. I just wish to not disappoint them and give in my 100%. I have done a lot of preparations; preparations to win the show. But I cannot declare anything right now because a lot of contestants are coming and they are good. I am happy that I got such a huge opportunity and I will be seen on a huge platform,” he said.

When asked about whether all those workout videos were for this particular show, Faisal revealed, “No, not really. Being a social media influencer demands you to be active in many aspects. I was doing those things well on my social media. But now I have to showcase those strengths in the show. And not only physical strength but mental strength as well. So, let us see how I do and if I do well. I just want my fans to keep having faith in me as I am really nervous right now.”

Faisal, who starred in the action thriller series Bang Bang (2017), stated that the stunts that he did during the series may help him now as well. “I did a lot of stunts in Bang Bang. Actors many a time use stunt doubles for a tough action sequence but I tried my best to do them on my own. These realizations are what give me the focus and power to move ahead with the confidence that I am going to do good in the show,” he stated. He revealed that although he has seen the previous seasons, what tasks he would be provided with would be a surprise.

Talking about Rohit Shetty, the actor stated, “Rohit sir is a stunt king. Performing the stunts designed by him is a big deal for me.”

He also revealed that his mom had advised him to star in a show like Khatron Ke Khiladi if an opportunity ever comes across. “When the show opportunity came, I told my mom. She was scared for my safety in the beginning. So, I am just going to give my 100% and try to not disappoint my family and fans.”

He added, “I consider my mom my biggest strength. So, if she believes that I will do good, I am going to do good. My fans are my strength too.”

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