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MP: Police alert on Hanuman Jayanti in Bhopal, monitoring sensitive areas with drone cameras

Bhopal: The police in the state capital Bhopal are on a high alert mode and monitoring the sensitive areas with the help of drone cameras on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, a police official said on Thursday.

Around 1,000 police personnel were deployed for Hanuman Jayanti events in the city. Besides the Reserve force, Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Fixed Pickets (barricades along with police personnel) were also arranged for the processions to be taken out in the Old city area in Bhopal. Speaking to ANI, Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Awadhesh Goswami said, "Today, around 15 to 20 processions, including grand processions will be taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti in the city in which there will be huge number of devotees and Bhandaras at many temples will also be organised. There are programs of bhajan kirtan as well in the city on this occasion."

"In view of the security arrangements, police have been deployed everywhere. The routes for the procession have been decided. The administration has seen the routes after having meetings with the organisers. The routes are being monitored with drone cameras. All arrangements have been made regarding the traffic as well," he added.

Adequate force has also been received from the police headquarters and special police arrangements have been made for all the processions, bhandara, kirtans and other programs of Hanuman Jayanti. 1000 police personnels have been deployed for the procession and in other programs, ACP Goswami said.
He added that fixed pickets have been put up in the enroute of the procession to be taken out in the Old city.
"The reserve force and RAF have also been made available for us. We have made all possible preparations and our effort is to celebrate all the events peacefully and enthusiastically in the city," he added. (ANI)

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