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MP: Cold, dense fog engulfs in Bhopal; Met office predicts light rainfall in Gwalior Chambal region in next 24 hours

Bhopal: Cold wave and dense fog engulfed the state capital Bhopal on Tuesday morning, resulting in low visibility.
The Met office has predicted the same weather conditions in the state and light rainfall in Gwalior Chambal region in the next 24 hours.
"The fog will continue in the next 24 hours in the state and light rainfall may also occur in Gwalior Chambal division. Narsinghpur recorded the minimum temperature in the state which is 10.4 while the minimum temperature in Bhopal was recorded 15.6 degrees. The temperature is likely to remain the same in the next 24 hours," said Ramendra Kumar, Meteorologist, IMD Bhopal.
Talking about the visibility in the state capital, he said that the visibility at the airport in Bhopal was 400 metres at around 3:00 am and after that it became 800 metres.
He further said, "Currently, shallow to moderate fog is observed in the western Madhya Pradesh and moderate fog seen in Gwalior-Chambal divisions. The weather is likely to remain the same for the next two to three days. It will be cold today and also there is a possibility of light rain in Gwalior Chambal division, after that the weather will remain dry and only fog will continue from shallow to moderate and moderate to dense in some parts of the state."
Gwalior, Naugaon, Datia, Shivpuri and Khajurao were among the cities that reported the lowest temperatures in the state. Gwalior with a minimum temperature of 7.9 degrees was the coldest.
At present the visibility in Bhopal is around 1000 metres and there is a possibility of shallow to moderate fog on Wednesday morning too, resulting in visibility likely to be around 500 metres, the meteorologist added.

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