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MP CM Chouhan suspends Niwari Collector and Orchha Tehsildar over negligence in work

Niwari: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday suspended Niwari collector Tarun Bhatnagar and Orchha Tehsildar Sandeep Sharma with immediate effect for negligence in work during his visit to the district.
CM Chouhan arrived here on Wednesday afternoon to attend the Garh Kundar Festival being organised in the district. While addressing the public in the program, CM Chouhan announced the suspension of the collector and tehsildar from the stage. Chouhan said, "When I came here, I received some complaints. In a democracy, we are the servants of the people. I made Niwari a district and this district is dear to me. We try to provide better service to the people here. But I have received some serious complaints from the public."
"I do not insult anyone, but those who create a mess then action will be taken against them. In view of it, I am removing the collector of Niwari district with immediate effect. There is also a Tehsildar, whose complaint has been received, is also removed with immediate effect. I will also get him investigated," Chouhan added.
"If there is any irregularity here, then it is also a duty of the commissioner to investigate. Do investigate that money is being demanded for the installments of PM Awas Yojana," the CM said.
"I am the Chief Minister only to serve the people. I will honour the good employees but if someone messes up then I will not leave them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he will neither eat (corruption) nor let them eat, I also say the same that I will neither eat nor let them eat," CM Chouhan added. (ANI)

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