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MP: 15-year-old girl swallows mobile, doctors take out successfully after operation in Gwalior

Gwalior: A 15-year-old girl allegedly swallowed a mobile after which the doctors at a Gwalior district performed an operation and successfully took out the phone from her stomach.

The girl, a resident of Amayan locality in Bhind district, got angry over something and swallowed her keypad mobile phone. Following which, the family members took the girl to Bhind district hospital but seeing the seriousness of the matter, the doctors referred her to Gwalior.

The kin reached Jaya Arogya Hospital in Gwalior. When the doctors examined her, they found that the mobile was stuck in the girl's stomach. The doctors decided to perform the surgery to take out the mobile. After the operation of around an hour, the doctors took out the mobile from the girl's stomach. It was the first such operation in the hospital.

Superintendent of Jaya Arogya Hospital, Dr R K S Dhakad said, "There was a case of a girl swallowing a mobile phone in Bhind district. It was good that the doctors of Bhind immediately referred her to Gwalior. Here, doctors performed an operation and took out the mobile phone from her stomach. The girl is completely safe and sound."

"I can say that it is an achievement for the hospital that by taking immediate action, we saved the girl. I congratulate those doctors. It is also an achievement for those doctors who referred the patient to Gwalior on time and we took action with the same promptness," he said.
The girl is around 15 years old and she is completely healthy, Dhakad added. (ANI)

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