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"Moving no-confidence motion and wearing black clothes will serve no purpose": Pralhad Joshi

New Delhi: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi on Thursday alleged that the Congress, in keeping with its typical practise, did not engage the other Opposition parties before bringing the no-confidence motion against the Central Government and said the rivals should first build confidence among themselves and then talk about people's confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Speaking to reporters ahead of the sixth day of the Monsoon session of the Parliament, the Union Minister said, "First, there should be confidence among Opposition parties, among each other. After that, they can talk about people's confidence in PM Modi. People showed this in 2014, 2019 and will show it in 2024, they will show the credibility of PM Modi. Moving No Confidence Motion and wearing black clothes will serve no purpose." Taking a dig at the Joint Opposition bloc, INDIA alliance, he said, "PM Modi had said that they (Opposition) can bring no Confidence Motion in 2023 once again. They have come prepared. But there is a little divide there. Congress party, as per its usual attitude, did not consult the other Opposition parties".
Earlier on Wednesday, I.N.D.I.A bloc rallied behind a no-confidence motion against the PM Modi government moved by the Congress in Lok Sabha.
The Narendra Modi government, which enjoys the support of at least 332 MPs in the Lok Sabha, faces virtually no threat from this no-confidence motion.
"We have an absolute majority and will discuss this motion at an appropriate time," the Union Minister added.
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday accepted the no-confidence motion against the government moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi on behalf of opposition parties of I.N.D.I.A alliance. After Gogoi moved the motion, the Speaker asked about the number of members supporting the motion.
It remains to be seen whether the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla will specify the date and time of the debate over the no-confidence motion passed against the Central Government by the I.N.D.I.A alliance.
Congress, Bharat Rashtra Samithi and Aam Admi Party have issued a three-line whip to its MP's to be present in the house on July 27 and 28.
The Congress party issued a three-line whip for its MPs, urging them to be present in the Rajya Sabha tomorrow.
Since the Monsoon Session began on July 20, the Opposition members have been firm in their demand for a discussion and a statement from PM Modi on Manipur. The Opposition raised a chorus that all scheduled or listed businesses in both Houses be set aside for a discussion on the Manipur situation. (ANI)

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