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"Mohabbat Dil mein rehti hai Dukaan mein Nahi...": BJP hits out at opposition

New Delhi: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on Friday shared a video song on the social media 'Mohabbat Dil mein rehti hai Dukaan mein nahi' (love lives in the heart, not in the shop) and targeted the opposition parties over their role in corruption cases since independence.   
The official media handle of BJP took to Twitter and said," Mohabbat Dil mein rehti hai Dukaan mein nahi ((love lives in the heart, not in the shop). Ye toh Kamai Jati hai bikti nahi (This is earned, not sold anywhere)."
BJP in the uploaded video highlighted that people were fedup of the Congress and decided to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government. The video further focussed on how BJP has helped the poor families by providing them subsidised cooking gas cylinders. It also mentioned about the importance of Uri Strikes which led to elimination of terrorists launch pads and the recent success launch of lunar mission Chandrayan 3.   
The video further mentioned that the shops of Congress have only sold emergency, partition and abuse to people of India.  
On Thursday in his reply to the Motion of no-confidence in the Lok Sabha Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India stands with Manipur.
"India stands with Manipur. I assure the people of the state that there shall be both peace and progress there. We are committed to restore normalcy and uphold the dignity of women," PM Modi tweeted. 
He further targetted the Congress and said that they never cared for the Northeastern region. 
"Congress has a very old apathy towards the Northeast. They have never cared for the region," he tweeted. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha appealed to all Opposition parties to get involved in a collective effort to gain the trust of the people of Manipur and asked them not to exploit the situation in the northeastern state for political gains.
"I want to request the MPs of the Parliament to understand the value of this time. Come and proceed together. In this country, there have been more serious issues in the past, but we found a way to work together. Let's come together. Take the people of Manipur into confidence. Don't take advantage of Manipur for doing politics. What has happened there in Manipur is unfortunate. Understand their pain and work toward healing it. This should be our only way,” PM Modi said while concluding his speech on the debate on no-confidence motion.

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