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Modi is now a global leader. Even American President wants his autograph, which, in a way, means that Modi has even conquered America: Dr Chandra

Dr Jagdeesh Chandra - CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Bharat24-Vision of New India and First India & CMD, First India News, reflecting on the nine years of Modi government, stresses that the Indian Prime Minister is now, without a doubt, a global leader. Dr Chandra cites examples of Papua New Guinea PM touching Modi’s feet, Australian PM calling him ‘Boss’ and US President seeking Modi’s autograph as developments pointing in this direction. He also stresses that for Modi, ‘Democracy’ is his motivation and ‘Constitution’ his resolution. Excerpts... (Part-II)

  • Were the recently concluded Gujarat elections akin to a national referendum for Narendra Modi? Also, has it come to pass that Modi has an even bigger stature than the BJP?
    Dr Jagdeesh Chandra:
    If someone brings 156 seats, then it is bound to appear that it was actually a referendum. And the atmosphere was such that it appears it was Modi versus everyone else in Gujarat. And everyone else lost and Modi won. In fact, people argued that this could be taken as a national mood, symbolically speaking. And as far as party is concerned, no one likes to say or hear that a leader has become bigger than the party, but the truth is that for every election, be it Gram Sarpanch to Lok Sabha polls, the party looks up to Modi. Modi is, in a way, an axis of the party. So as far as implementation is concerned, of course, Modi’s stature appears to be bigger than that of the party. Without Modi, the party would appear to be ‘incomplete’ and ‘isolated.’
  • Do you think the Indian democratic system is heading for a change under Modi? Is it moving towards Presidential system?
    See, few people claim that we are moving towards dictatorship, but I don’t buy that view. But yes, I do believe that we may be on the way to the Presidential System, that is to say it is transparent. It is happening without any concentrated effort in this direction. This is happening because all focus is on Modi and others are not working as much. At most, you can include Amit Shah and JP Nadda and may be a handful others, who have some say. So, what then happens is that all power and efforts are then concentrated in the leader or the leader who is the focal point of schemes and policies or the one who makes you win the election and since all that is happening with Modi being at helm, so it may appear that our nation is inching towards the Presidential System and if it is going that way, then it is good as everyone will get a chance. If someone has the power then they can contest the election and if Modi is popular then he will win. So, I do not have any problem on a personal level, if we move towards the Presidential System of governance.
  • What does PM Modi’s successful Australia tour mean, since even the Australian PM has said that Modi is the ‘Boss’?
    It is wonderful and a miracle in itself. For the PM of a nation like Australia, to say such words in their own country for the PM of another nation, it means that Modi is the ‘Boss’ for Australia too. That is its implication. It is a major development. Modi had said in his address that it was not only the Australian government that welcomed him, rather the Opposition and former PMs were also present. That is why the Australian PM said that Modi is the ‘Boss.’ My conclusion in this episode is that when Modi had gone to Australia, he was still on the path to becoming global leader, but now that he has returned from Australia, he has become the global leader and this statement proves it.
  • After returning from Australia, PM Modi re tweeted a tweet of ABP anchor Rubika Liyaquat. Do you think this move of PM boosts a journalist’s morale?
    Rubika Liyaquat is a top anchor of ABP. I mention her name because perhaps she was the only anchor that time who was awake at 3 AM when PM Modi returned from Australia. Had I been a journalist perhaps I may have thought who would wake up at 3 AM for PM’s arrival and would have postponed any news or development for the next day. Later, I spoke with Rubika and asked her how did she come to this decision to go for PM’s arrival and she said that her editor Sant Prasad should be commended for it as he was the one, who said that she should go and so she went and see how a person’s luck changes over night. Luck in journalism means if PM re tweets your tweet then a journalist’s happiness knows no bounds. In that crowd at the airport, she came across Nurshid Ali who told her that he had been waiting for a glimpse of PM Modi for nine years and he termed himself to be ‘Modi Bhakt’ Nurshid Ali. I told you about the new voter constituency, this is one of that persons and that constituency is not only in Hindus, but it is across the religious lines, so Rubika must have tweeted this and PM’s monitoring system is immaculate and in fact, I would say it is better than the American system. One Hiren Joshi works in PM office, who must have seen this and must have told PM and as a pat on the back, PM must have asked to re tweet Rubika’s tweet and on top of that, he said that it was the love and trust of crores of people that motivates him to work continuously. So the story is complete. So, the entire media got this message & in quarters that used to claim that media keeps its distance from Modi they too came to know.
  • PM Narendra Modi will be on tour of America after his tour of Australia. Will USA also give him the same grand and warm welcome as accorded by Australia?
    Definitely. They have done so already. In the past, when he had visited Manhattan, about 50,000 people had reached to see Modi and now it has been so long, Modi has definitely become grander. Today even the President of USA has asked for Modi’s autograph, so it is certain that he will be accorded a grand welcome. And perhaps this is the first time that Modi has been declared as ‘State Guest’ of America, I am not certain, but someone said so recently. And even if it is not the first time, then too, this is a huge thing that this is the same America which had declined visa to Modi and look at how the tables have turned through sheer luck and a person’s hard work that a nation will roll out the red carpet to welcome him. He will be there from June 21 onwards and he will take part in International Yoga Day celebrations at UN and then he has other engagements and it is certain that Indianorigin Americans will rush to see him. Modi’s visit will be like Diwali. He has something in him which attracts people to him. When he was CM of Gujarat, I used to meet him. Once we were together and he narrated an incident. He said that three individuals from Gujarat had met him the very day and they had returned from Singapore. During their visit, the locals in Singapore must have asked which place they were from & the three men said they were from Gujarat and the local asked if they knew Modi. At that time, I used to wonder if this was even a reality and it actually happened. He became PM and now all this is happening right in front of our eyes. So in a way, you can say that Modi is going to conquer America.
  • How successful, according to you, has ‘Mann Ki Baat’ been?
    It is indeed successful and it was his idea that he should have a direct dialogue with people & there should be no one in between, & that even masses should get a chance to put across their ideas & issues. Thus, a two way communication. Secondly, it was in his mind that those talented individuals who are not in the limelight, hailing from various sectors, he wanted to interact with them and bring them forward in the main stream. So, the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is a success. Modi’s marketing is such that even the best advertising agency of the world may also not be able to compete. Crores of people watch it or hear it regularly and the radio, which had lost its existence has been re-introduced.
  • How do you see the entire development around the new Parliament which was recently dedicated to the public?
    Modi’s life is full of events, happenings and thrill. Journalists may get tired writing about it, we may get tired holding such talks, but Modi will never tire out. Such a huge programme was organised. When the old Parliament was constructed, it took six years to complete it, from 1921 to 1927 or thereabouts. And this Parliament has been constructed in merely 29 months. He may have thought that the old Parliament building was a mark of colonial past of India and that we should construct out own Parliament. Even leave that aside. Just consider that the Parliament was of 18th century and now with change in time, we need to construct a new Parliament of 21st century. And look at it, in just 29 months he got it done and technically the credit goes to Om Birla as he got the work done. Just imagine how elated he must have been and what a moment it would have been in his life and he even said that this new Parliament is sign of the dreams of 140 crore Indians. In fact, Modi wrote an article in Indian Express that this new building will further strengthen and empower the Indian democracy, which is the largest democracy of the world. One newspaper carried the headline which stated that this was a signature on time itself. Modi ji even went on to say that ‘Democracy’ is his motivation & ‘Constitution’ his resolution. It was a wonderful development and he must have been extremely happy.

During the show #JConModi9Years trended top All-India on Twitter

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