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Mock drill held in Chhattisgarh hospitals to check Covid preparedness

Raipur: The state government has geared up for the Covid-19 preparedness amid the surge in Covid cases in the neighbouring countries. In view of it, a mock drill was organised in all the district hospitals, community centres and primary health centres in the state on Tuesday.
During the mock drill, the oxygen plants, oxygen cylinders and pipes, ICU wards, ventilators and other facilities were inspected and checked to make sure they can be used when needed. Civil Surgeon of Raipur District Hospital Dr P K Gupta said, "During the mock drill, we checked the oxygen plant, to see if the oxygen is being supplied to the ward. We also turned on two ventilators, in which we saw that the oxygen was flowing well."
"Around one and half months ago, we admitted a patient in his ward, he had been cured and discharged now. All the machines, oxygen plant and ventilators are in ready mode here. We can use it whenever a patient arrives," he said.
Talking about the chances of spreading Covid cases here, Dr Gupta said, "The Covid situation in our neighbouring country China is very bad. Apart from China, it has also spread to France, Japan, and America. Wherever people are moving, it is spreading. If we talk about India, there are cases in some cities, but our vaccination has been good. It has also been seen that the immunity in Indian people is good so I don't think we will have any serious problems."
"The new variant BF.7 which is causing havoc in China is also a type of Omicron. As we have passed out from the third stage of Omicron, immunity has been developed among the people in our country, so I do not think it will prove more fatal for us," Dr Gupta added. (ANI)

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