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May they be happy with their arrogance, lies, pessimism, ignorance: PM Modi's dig at opposition

New Delhi: Buoyed by his party's recent wins in the state assembly elections in the Hindi heartland states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a swipe at the opposition asking them to be at peace with their "arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance" while asking people to be aware of their "divisive agenda".
"May they be happy with their arrogance, lies, pessimism and ignorance. But.. Beware of their divisive agenda. An old habit of 70 years can't go away so easily," Modi said in a post on 'X' on Tuesday while commenting on a video snippet from a television news analysis.
The Prime Minister also snapped at the opposition saying that they need to be prepared for several such "meltdowns" in the future as well.
"Also, such is the wisdom of the people that they have to be prepared for many more meltdowns ahead," he said.
The video posted by Modi listed the excuses supposedly chalked out by Congress supporters to blame for their defeat in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. These excuses were often problematic and even went on to blame the voters for their choices.
Reacting to this post, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) IT cell Amit Malviya said that the Prime Minister's post is "not out of character" but "aggressive" and he is taking the opposition ecosystem head on.
"It has been the case with BJP's content on social media in general too for the last few months now. Its campaign and reels have seen aggressive tone and traction," Malviya added.
In his victory speech on election result day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the opposition parties, saying that if they come together at one stage, no matter how well the photo is clicked, they cannot win the trust of people.
"These election results are a learning experience for the Congress and its arrogant alliance parties as well. If some dynastic parties come together at one stage, no matter how well the photo is clicked, you cannot win the trust of the country," Prime Minister Modi said while speaking to party workers at the BJP's headquarters in Delhi.
"To win the country's heart you need to show the will to serve the country. And these arrogant alliance partners, do not show any intention of doing so," he added.
The BJP created a record in Madhya Pradesh and came back to power after having ruled the state for 18 of the past 20 years. Rajasthan seems to have followed the three-decade-old trend of rotating governments. The BJP also bounced back strongly in Chhattisgarh.

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