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Mango crop ruined: Aam becomes ‘khaas’

Jaipur: Mango, famous as the king of fruits, has become out of reach of the common man in this season. Due to damage to the mango crop in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, the supply of mango this year has been much less than the demand, due to which its prices have increased by 25 to 40 percent.

Due to less than 20 percent crop in Gujarat, the Gujarati ‘Langda’ va riety of Mango, famous for its taste, is missing from the market this year.

Its supply from Gujarat to other states is very less and whatever mangoes have been produced in Gujarat this year are being supplied locally only.Its rate in the Gujarat wholesale market is around Rs 80 to Rs 100, due to which the fruit sellers of Rajasthan are hesitant in ordering it.

Govind Chhelani, President of Jaipur Fruit Wholesalers Association located at Muhana, which is Rajasthan’s largest fruit and vegetable market, said that the availability of mangoes at low prices to the general public is now dependent only on the supply of mangoes from Uttar Pradesh.

At present, the arrival of Dussehri mango has started from Manakpur near Lucknow, although it is also limited due to which its price in the wholesale market is at Rs 30 to 60 per kg depending on the quality and size.

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