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Malaika Arora gets annoyed by the paparazzi culture on how they focus on her hody rather than her achievements

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Malaika Arora, a Bollywood diva, is one of the public figures that receive the most abuse and criticism online. The public constantly has something negative to say about her, from her walking style to her taste in fashion. She is doing a terrific job on her reality programme, 'Moving in with Malaika', talking about the challenges she has to deal with. She will be seen speaking with comedian Bharti Singh on body acceptance and the paparazzi culture in an upcoming episode.

Malaika says that she finds it annoying when the photographers focus on her assets more than her whenever she is walking when she is talking about the films being taken by the paparazzi outside of her gym as she is heading to the building.

She said, “I have never scolded anyone unless someone pushed me or did anything. But what irritates me is you are clicking photos, yahan ke photos lo na (pointing towards the portion above her chest). They are clicking photos of this part and that part (points towards her chest and hips). The camera goes here and there. I have a problem with that.”

She goes on to add that she is proud of her body. The 49-year-old said, “Why are you focusing on my a**, my t**s. I am very proud of my body. But then they say, ‘if you don’t want to show, then wear clothes which cover everything.’ Why? I want to wear such clothes, what is your problem? I will dress the way I want.”

Malaika mentions that she finds the whole situation extremely unpleasant since she too must be 'answerable' to her family while discussing getting criticism online.

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