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Maharashtra: Situation now under control, says police on clashes in Satara

Satara: The situation in now normal in Mahashtra’s Satara district, where one person was killed and 10 others suffered injuries after a clash broke out between two groups following an “objectionable” social media post, police said.
Kolhapur Special Inspector General Sunil Phulari late on Monday said that police have full control over the situation and has appealed to people not to fall prey to any mischievous posts or rumours.
Satara district authorities have as a precautionary measure suspended Internet services across the district for two days.
The incident took place in Satara's Pusesawali village on Sunday night following an objectionable social media post.
"We appeal to the citizens in general not to fall prey to any mischievous posts or any rumours. There are prohibitory orders issued in the Satara district. Internet closure orders had been issued for two days. So in general, there is at present total control over the situation, and it is now normal,” said Kolhapur’s Special IG Sunil Phulari.
“Our watch will continue for the future time, force deployment for the precautions deployment is adequate. We have provided adequate police officers and staff from the adjoining districts of Satara, and there have been deployments of armed guards and mobile patrolling in Satara district," added the senior police official.
Further detailing the incident, Phulari said that a mob attacked a police check post when an accused person was being interrogated at the check post for allegedly posting objectionable comments on social media.  
"There was some objectionable comment posted on a social media account of the one suspected person. He was being interrogated at the checkpost when suddenly a mob gathered and tried to damage public property. Some vehicles were put on fire,” the IG said.
The police official added that 23 suspects accused were taken into custody, and a thorough investigation is being done by the Satara District Police.
“In this incident, some ten people in the group were injured. One succumbed to injuries. An offence has been registered under the stringent sections of the IPC. A total of 23 suspected accused were taken into custody. Regarding the objectionable social media post offence, it has been registered and is being investigated. A thorough investigation is being done by the Satara District Police," IG Phulari said.

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