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Maharashtra: Man arrested for killing 9-year-old for ransom in Thane

Thane: One person has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and killing a nine-year-old boy for a ransom of Rs 23 lakh in Maharashtra's Thane district, police said on Tuesday.
According to the police, the accused identified as Salman was a tailor by profession in the Goregaon Village of the Badalpur area of the Thane district.
Sharing details about the incident, police said that the accused had kidnapped the child for a ransom of Rs 23 lakh.
"After the nine-year-old identified as Ibad did not return home after a considerable amount of time, the child's family started searching for him. Shortly after, the boy's father received a call from the accused who demanded a ransom of Rs 23 lakh in return for the child," said police.
The boy's father told the police that by that time the news of Ibad's disappearance had spread throughout the village. Police and people living in rural areas had started searching for Ibad.
Not long after, the accused made a call to Ibad's family, after which the police tracked the location of the accused.
"In fear of getting caught in the crime, the accused however killed the child and hid the body behind his residence," police said.
After having tracked the location of the accused, police searched the residence and thus found the body of the child.
Subsequently, the accused Salman was arrested and the body was recovered from the spot.
An investigation into the matter is underway.

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