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Lucknow: Officer in charge suspended for negligence in gang rape case

Lucknow: An officer in charge was suspended for negligence in a gang rape incident in Lucknow, said police on Monday.
The officer-in-charge Husdia Hussain Abbas is part of the local police team. As per reports, the girl was raped while returning to her residence on October 15. The auto driver and his accomplice raped her and fled the spot. The accused left by the victim at the Husdia intersection, informed police.
"After the complaint of the victim, the local police were negligent, due to which the outpost in charge has been suspended," said Lucknow Deputy Commissioner of Police (East), Prachi Singh.
The investigation has now been handed over to ADCP East.
"The police are investigating the matter promptly and the accused have been identified, soon the accused will be caught," said DCP East Prachi.
Further details on the matter are awaited. (ANI)

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