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Locket Chatterjee hits out at Mamata-govt over lack of facilities for sportspersons in Bengal

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Locket Chatterjee on Tuesday hit out at the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal over the lack of facilities for sportspersons in the state.
Speaking to ANI on Monday, Chatterjee said, "Weightlifter Achinta Sheuli has touched new heights today. He won gold for India. Made India proud. People are watching him on TV and we are coming to know that there are many good sportspersons in West Bengal." Chatterjee, however, raised questions over the West Bengal government's support to sportpersons in the state.
"Mamata Banerjee only says that she will towards the upliftment of the sportspersons of Bengal. But does nothing. Achinta Sheuli brother said that they have spoken to many people for help and support after he received the Khel Ratna Award in 2020 but no help came to them which is true. But today Mamata Banerjee and her sports minister are also tweeting to congratulate Achinta Sheuli on winning the gold."
Achinta's family, has braved extreme poverty, and could not afford two square meals per day. His elder brother, Alok (28), sacrificed his own dreams and took up odd jobs to support his family and his mother is a zari (embroidery) worker.
On Monday, after weightlifter Achinta Sheuli's stunning gold medal victory in the Commonwealth Games 2022, his brother Alok Sheuli sought support from the government as the family's financial situation is precarious. In an interview with ANI yesterday, Alok Sheuli said that the Sports Minister turned a deaf ear to their repeated pleas seeking help.
Hitting out at Mamata Banerjee over the recent SSC scam, the BJP MP said, "The priority of this government is corruption. We saw how bundles of notes, gold, were recovered in Bengal. This is their focus. They don't see the future of people like Achinta."
"Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself talked with Achinta and congratulated him. We will support and stand by Achinta Sheuli with whatever help he needs for his future. The central government will do everything possible for him," she added.
"It is sad how Achinta's brother was asking for help from the government. He is saying that his brother wants to go to the Olympics and without the state's help it would not be possible. Achinta's case is a live example of the fact that the West Bengal government has not paid attention to the needs of these sportspersons," she claimed.
Indian weightlifter Achinta Sheuli clinched a gold medal with a combined lift of 313kg in the men's 73kg final at the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Sunday.
With this, he won the country its sixth medal at CWG 2022 and its third gold medal at the event.
In his first attempt in the snatch category, Achinta Sheuli made a great start and successfully lifted 137kg. Without breaking, a sweat Achinta lifted 140kg in the second attempt of the category. In the third and final attempt, he successfully lifted 143kg.
It was three out of three for Achinta, as he lifted 143kg in his last attempt in the snatch round to create a new Commonwealth Games Record.
In the Clean and Jerk lift category, Achinta exhibited a stunning display of power as he lifted 166kg in his first attempt. In the second attempt of the category, he decided to lift 170 kg but failed. In the third and last attempt of the C&J category, he lifted 170kg with ease.
With a successful lift of 170kg in his third clean and jerk attempt, Achinta Sheuli finished at the top with a total of 313kg (143kg + 170kg). (ANI)

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