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LGBT woman approaches court citing threat to girlfriend's life, Punjab HC asks police to present petitioner's friend

Chandigarh: An LGBT woman from Panchkula has approached the Punjab-Haryana High Court stating that her girlfriend was under illegal custody of her parents and there was a threat to her life. The High Court has taken this case seriously.
The LGBT woman filed the petition in the Punjab-Haryana High Court, and said that there was a threat to her girlfriend's life and requested her protection. As per the petition the friend of the petitioner has called the petitioner's mother and claimed that her life was under threat. The High Court has considered the matter serious and has ordered the Chandimandir police to produce the petitioner's girlfriend at the next hearing.
While filing the petition, the petitioner said that she was in love with a girl living in her neighbourhood in Panchkula. When the other girl's family came to know about this, they started trying to separate the petitioner and their daughter.
Later the petitioner went to Delhi with her partner. She came to know that her girlfriend's family had filed a kidnapping complaint of their daughter to the police.
On receiving this information, both of them arrived at the police station and decided to record their statement.
The petitioner said that they were produced before the magistrate and as soon as they left from there, both of them were brought back to the police station in a police vehicle. Both of them were beaten badly by the police at the police station.
The family members of the petitioner's girlfriend were present there. Her family members took the petitioner's girlfriend along with them. The petitioner claimed that she attempted to consume poison after this incident due to police harassment.
The petitioner said that her girlfriend had been taken by her family to Uttar Pradesh. Her girlfriend had secretly called the petitioner's mother and informed her about the entire incident.
During the call, the petitioner's girlfriend said that anything could forcibly happen to her. The girl also claimed that she would not be able to live without the petitioner. The petitioner presented the case of illegal custody of her girlfriend before the High Court.
Now the court has put the onus on the Police to present the friend of the petitioner at the next hearing.

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