Wednesday, August, 17,2022

Lessons to the entire Opposition from G’nagar

New Delhi: The recent municipal corporation election at Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, was of such a corporation, whose results should not have much implications unlike the BMC.

But the manner in which the BJP fought this election, its celebration after winning  and PM’s long congratulatory note on Twitter, has increased the importance of the results of this election.

The Municipal Corporation election results of Gandhinagar have a very special significance for all the opposition parties of the country. If the parties do not learn from this, then all the claims of uniting against the BJP will be meaningless. 

The Congress and the AAP need to learn the most from this. If Sharad Pawar also takes some initiative from this, then it will be good for the politics of the opposition.

Gandhinagar is known to be a stronghold of the BJP. Earlier LK Advani used to win from this seat and now Amit Shah is the MP from there. 
The immediate lesson of Gandhinagar results is also for the assembly elections in five states.

Except Manipur, AAP is making a mark in the rest of the four states. It is already the main opposition party in Punjab, so its claim is made there.

But in U’khand, Goa & UP it has no base, no organization and lack of leaders, yet Kejri is in fray by making false promises of providing free electricity, water and jobs in lakhs. The direct motive of AAP fighting in these 3 states seems to be to benefit the BJP. 

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