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Kunal Kemmu opens up about nephew Taimur’s camaraderie with the paps: If he does not like it, he is going to say it

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Taimur Ali Khan has not just remained a name but has become a craze that has taken the media by storm. The little kid maybe 5, but he has become adult enough to know what he likes and what he does not. This is what happened when little Tim got annoyed at the paparazzi last month as they were trying to click pictures of his brother. The 5-year-old gestured with his hands for the paps to stop clicking pictures while saying, “Bandh kar Dada. Bandh kar Dada. Bandh kariye usko.”

However, he was brutally trolled by netizens for yelling at the photographers with many calling him “rude” and “ill-mannered”. Now, Tim’s uncle, Kunal Kemmu spoke about the child’s behaviour and the media’s hostility towards a 5-year-old.

The actor stated that if kids do not like something, they voice their opinion over it as they are not “diplomatic” like adults. Talking about whether media should draw a line on this, he said, “It's very easy to sit and give comments. What I love about kids is they don't care yeah and they don't have to be diplomatic. If they don't like something, they're like 'I don't want it.” He further added that he and his wife Soha Alia Khan also try to keep their daughter Inaaya out of the limelight for similar reasons.

“Now if you are going to come into their face and take a picture, and now somebody has a problem with how the kid is behaving, then it's that person's problem,” the Kalyug actor further added. He also explained that now Taimur has grown up and he has got opinions on what he likes and what he does not. Before this, he was too young to speak and was carried on someone else’s lap. Now. If he does not like it, he is going to say it.

Kunal Kemmu is married to Saif Ali Khan’s youngest sister Soha Ali Khan and they have a daughter together named, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu who is a year younger than Taimur Ali Khan.

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