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"Kisi ko darne ki zaroorat nahin hai", PM Modi says he is focused on making India developed by 2047

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spelt out his vision for a developed India by 2047.

Speaking in an interview to ANI, PM Modi also questioned the opposition for spreading fear that the BJP would seek to change the constitution if it is voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections.

"When I say that I have big plans, no one should be scared. I don't take decisions to scare or run-over anyone, I take decisions for the wholesome development of the nation. Additionally, governments always say we have done everything, I don't believe I have done everything. I have tried to do everything in the right direction, yet there is so much I need to do, because I see that my country has so many needs. How do I fulfill the dreams of every family, that is why I say this is a trailer," the PM said.

"The second thing is the question of 2047 vision. First of all, I have been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a long time. And I am used to the experience. If elections are held again and again then from my state, 30-40 senior good officers used to go as observers, for election duty. So they used to stay out for 40-50 days. I used to worry how will I run the government? Because in the country, such elections keep happening and my observers keep going. Then I thought if I have an election, I will not take that period as a vacation. I give jobs to the officials in advance. I ask them to do this for the next government. So I used to plan for 100 days even at that time," PM Modi added.

The PM revealed that work on the ambitious 2047 Viksit Bharat project has been ongoing for the last two years and he has even set himself a target for his first 100 days in office in his next term if elected to office.

"I have been working on 2047 for the past two years. And for that, I asked for opinions and suggestions from people across the country. I have taken suggestions of more than 15 lakh people on how they want to see India in the coming 25 years. I contacted universities, I contacted different NGOs and 15-20 lakh people gave their inputs. Then I took the help of AI and classified it subject-wise. I made a dedicated team of officers in every department to work on this. How can it be done for the next term? For 25 years. And then I sat with them and they gave presentations for two to 2.5 hours," the PM said.

"In 2047 we will be celebrating 100 years of the independence of the country. Naturally during such a milestone it somehow brings new excitement, creates a new resolution....Every institution, everyone should have a goal. I am the head of my village, by 2047, I will do this much in my village. And an inspiration should arise in the country. And the 100th anniversary of independence is a great inspiration in itself," the PM added.

Prime Minister Modi said that in the current Lok Sabha elections the choice before the voter was between a failed Congress model and the BJP model that had shown its performance.

"If we look at the 2024 elections, there is an opportunity before the country -there is a model of the Congress government and the BJP government. They `have worked for 5-6 decades and I have only worked for 10 years. Compare these in any field. Even if there are some shortcomings, there will be no shortcomings in our efforts," the PM said.

"Secondly, in 10 years, at least two years, we lost to the battle of Covid. And there were many after effects too. Even then, today, if we compare the country in terms of speed, and scale. If we talk about all-encompassing development, on every parameter, you can see a model that yes, we will walk on this path with so much speed," PM Modi said

The Prime Minister also committed to increase the speed and scale of development in the country in order to achieve the goal of Viksit Bharat.

"In the next term, I have to increase the speed as well as the scale. That is my goal. Secondly, you will see that when the people of the country entrust the responsibility of running the country, then we should have a single-minded focus on the country, the people of the country," the PM said.

"Unfortunately, the political culture of the past was on how to make the family strong, how to not let anyone take away the roots of the family.

Whereas, I am working with the aim of making the country strong. And when the country is strong, everyone experiences its benefits. Where something is happening, we are working hard, we are doing it with honesty, these things have an impact. So 2024, this election, we have taken our track record and they have brought their track record," the PM added.

The PM further reitrated that even in 2019 his government had notched up several notable achievements in its first 100 days, a commitment he was looking to make again.

"Because I don't want to lose even a minute. Now you must remember, in 2019, very few people pay attention. At that time too, I gave 100 days' work and went to the election field. And when I came back, Article 370, I did it in 100 days. With repealing of Triple Talaq, I made my sisters free.

I did it in the first 100 days. I plan ahead and put it on the basis.

"Trust is a very big power. And in a country like India, I consider this trust as my responsibility. And that is why I say this again and again," the PM added.

The Prime Minister further said that he was only serving Mother India like a son and that was his mission.

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