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Kerala minister lambasts D'Cruz's "terrorist" remark

Kochi: Kerala Minister for Local Self Governments MB Rajesh on Friday termed the "terrorist" remark by Father Theodacious D'Cruz against Fisheries Minister V Abdurahiman as an "act of terrorism" and stressed that such remarks are made by "extremists".
"Saying that there is a terrorist in the name of the minister is an act of terrorism. Extremists usually make such remarks. There is extremism behind such remarks," MB Rajesh said attacking Father Theodacious D'Cruz for his statement because of which the Kerala Police booked him for allegedly intending to create communal tension between the Christian and Muslim communities through his statement against the minister. "He (Minister V Abdurahiman) is the biggest traitor in the world. We thought he was the minister of fishermen. There is a terrorist in his name. Those who do not know how to hoist the national flag are calling us traitors," D'Cruz said reacting to the fisheries minister's Tuesday remark where he called the protestors "Anti National".
In a seminar organised by the Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited at Thiruvananathapuram on Tuesday, Abdurahiman termed the protest against Adani's port project as "anti-national" and said that any person who loves the country, cannot accept such a protest.
However, on Thursday, the Kerala Police booked the convenor of the Fishermen's protest (Father D'Cruz) outside the Vizhinjam seaport in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram.
Reacting to D'Cruz's remark, the Kerala minister further questioned the opposition for remaining silent on a "dangerous remark".
"Who made a more offensive and dangerous remark by saying that there is a terrorist in the name of minister V Abdurahiman? Why is the opposition in Kerala not saying anything about this? Is this the position of the opposition in Kerala that any person can be made a terrorist by name?" he questioned.
He further said that the attack on the police station cannot be called "moderation". He said: "Saying the police station should be burnt and then carrying it out the next day is not moderation. People who hospitalize policemen are not moderates."
Notably, in a press release dated Wednesday, Father D'Cruz apologised for his remark and withdrew the comments terming them a "slip of tongue". He expressed his regret and said that it was a natural response to the minister's statement.
The fishermen have been protesting against the Adani port project, alleging that it was not a natural port and that if one goes inside, they can witness huge sand dunes dredged from the sea piled up.
On Sunday, the fishermen's protest turned violent and the Vizhinjam Police arrested five protesters and registered cases against the Arch Bishop and the auxiliary bishop of Thiruvananthapuram, as well as several priests for allegedly blocking trucks which led to a scuffle here. However, four of the five protesters were released later. (ANI)

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