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Kerala gold smuggling case: Vijesh Pillai denies Swapna Suresh's allegations on death threats

Kochi: A day after the prime accused in the Kerala gold smuggling case Swapna Suresh levelled allegations of facing "death threats", alleged middleman Vijesh Pillai refuted all the allegations.
This comes a day after Swapna Suresh had alleged that Vijay Pillai, the alleged middleman threatened her to leave the country. Talking to the media on Friday, Pillai said, "Swapna Suresh's allegations are false. I don't know CPI(M) state secretary MV Govindan directly, and have only seen him in the media. There was no mention of the Chief Minister in our meeting. Swapna has to prove the allegation that I threatened her."
"The evidence in Swapna's possession has not been demanded to be released. Swapna was twisting what was said to be authentic. I have not introduced myself as a lawyer," he added.
Pillai said that he had only met Suresh regarding the talks of an OTT web series.
"The Enforcement Directorate called me on Thursday for questioning. Swapna has said things that have no reality. I have met her for a web series. They had primarily said ok and were looking to negotiate. It was a discussion of the web series, not the shoot or things. The meeting was held after she said about being interested in the content. I don't know how she manipulated the incidents," he said.
He added saying, "Let her show if she has any proof that I threatened her, that I am coming with political party connections and promised Rs 30 crore."
Vijesh Pillai further said that he has summoned by ED and he said whatever he knew.
"I don't know people like Govindan, nor do they know me, other than seeing them in newspapers and on TV. In this case ED had issued summons to me. I went to their office yesterday and told them details about what I know," Pillai added.
Swapna Suresh, on Thursday, made explosive claims that she was receiving death threats from CPM secretary Govindan Master who threatened her with dire consequences if she did not stop speaking about Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.
She further alleged that Master offered her a hefty amount of Rs 30 crore to leave the country and settle anywhere else.
Swapna said that she has no "personal agenda" against the Kerala Chief Minister, however, Master threatened to "finish" her life and gave her 2 days to take a decision.
In a stern message, Swapna said that she will fight and warned the Chief Minister against "threatening" her.
She said, "I want to tell the CM on his face, I am going to fight till the end. I have people who trust me. If I am alive, I will expose your entire business empire and don't ever think or dare to threaten me. I'll expose to the world your real face".
"I am not ready for any compromise and I am going to fight till the last breath. He (Vijay Pillai) clearly told me that Govindan Master will finish my life. I will give the full details such as photographs of the person to the media. I am not going to run away from Bangalore. I am here itself. Please pray for my life," Swapna added.
She further alleged, "Vijay Pillai threatened me and asked me to leave the country. I have no personal agenda with CM Pinarayi Vijayan or his family, nor want to destroy his political career. I was clearly told that CPM secretary Govindan Master will finish my life. This person told me that he will give me 2 days to take a decision. I have sent details of his phone numbers and email address to my advocate."
Earlier in October last year, Swapna Suresh alleged that Pinarayi Vijayan is making projects in the state for his daughter Veena Vijayan and for the future generations of his family in the guise of development.
"Chief Minister's projects making undue commissions and for building an empire for his daughter or for his family or for the future generations of his family in the disguise of development. It should not be Kerala's FON, it shouldn't be Kerala Fibre Optical Network, it should be Veena or Vijayan Fibre Optical Network," she had told ANI. (ANI)

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