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Kerala committed to fostering Artificial Intelligence-based investments: CM Vijayan

Kochi: The Government of Kerala is committed to fostering Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) investments in the state, said Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan while inaugurating India's first Gen AI Conclave in Kochi.
"The Kerala Government is committed to the AI-based investment to foster a conducive environment for technological advancements. Kerala is dedicated to leveraging AI for sustainable development. Kerala is also committed to becoming Industry 4.0 ready, embracing the fourth industrial revolution with enthusiasm and foresight. We anticipate more AI-based investment coming into the state in upcoming years," he said.
The CM further said that the integration of AI into the educational institution is evidence of the commitment of the government adding that the educational institutions of the state are training the next generation of students.
"The government has included AI in the school textbooks starting from class 7. All the teachers in the state will be given AI training," Vijayan added.
Emphasising the priorities of the state government he said, "The Kerala government is committed to supporting AI-based investments and fostering an environment conducive to technological advancement. Integrating AI into sectors such as education, healthcare, tourism and IT will enhance the quality growth and the quality of life of the citizens."
He said AI-powered virtual tools have shown a significant importance in visitor engagement in the tourism sector.
Explaining the initiatives taken by the government, he added that the motor vehicle department has integrated AI to manage traffic management showcasing our dedication to leveraging the technology.
"Our proactive approach has been reflected in the implementation of AI-powered systems by the government agencies, he said.
Kerala CM also pointed out that AI-based solutions can play decisive roles in the health sector where we can manage COVID and NIPAH effectively. "AI-based solutions can play a decisive role in tracking and preventing the likes of Covid and Nipah, as well as lifestyle diseases. Tools and solutions need to be devised to effectively monitor patients and diseases so that continued treatment can be provided in case of re-appearance of ailments," he added.
"Kerala government hopes this conclave will attract more investments into the state. This will enable us to become the pioneers in Generative AI," the CM added.
The International GenAI Conclave, co-hosted by the Government of Kerala and IBM will deliberate on the impact of Gen AI, challenges, latest developments, and opportunities to leverage it for India's economic advancement and career growth for India's youth.
The Conclave will include panel discussions, interactive sessions and product demos on how generative AI can be deployed with trust and confidence.

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