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KCR is stooping too low by dragging in my son: Bandi Sanjay reacts to viral video

Varanasi: In a turn of events in the case of the viral video of Bandi Sanjay's son, the Telangana BJP President has reacted, saying that CM KCR has stooped so low that he is targeting his son with the intention of ruining his career.
"KCR is stooping too low and he is dragging my son with the intention of spoiling his career. Yesterday the IT cell of the BRS Party leaked it on social media purely for political gains and with the sole intention to tarnish my image. The coward Chief minister of Telangana Mr KCR & his prodigal son is unable to face me politically and hence, resorting to cheap politics," said Bandi Sanjay on allegations against his son Bandi Bhagirath Sai. "This incident took place 2 months ago on the campus of Mahindra University Hyderabad. My son's batch mate harassed a girl by texting late in the night and forced her to love him. The Girl who considers my son her elder brother shared the incident with my son and showed the messages sent by his batch mate."
"Later my son found that his batch mate took the number of the girl from his mobile without his knowledge which resulted in a heated argument which resulted in a physical brawl. Later the issue was resolved amicably. Both are good friends now," said Bandi Sanjay in a statement.
"KCR is stooping too low and he is dragging my son with the intention of spoiling his career. Yesterday, my son's batch mate released a video (in Telugu) explaining the facts about the incident," said the statement.
Bandi Sanjay's son Bhagirath's friend also released a statement, saying, "I am Sreeram. I had a brawl with Bhagirath after I abused a girl via text messages. It was totally my fault. We compromised later and we are good friends now," said the batchmate said in a video statement.
A case was registered against Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay's son yesterday for allegedly assaulting a fellow student at a private college in Hyderabad.
The case was registered against Bandi Sanjay's son Bandi Bhagirath Sai based on a complaint filed by Mahindra University - where both students study - after videos of the alleged assault went viral.
The viral video shows Bhagirath slapping Sreeram repeatedly on the college premises. Another man, apparently Bhagirath's friend, is also seen assaulting the student. (ANI)

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